If there are two things I love in this world…

Billyforges Demo Regular

Well, and wine. But that’s a different story.
I’d craft my damn life away if someone would pay me for it, or pay me in pizza rolls and wine.

So let’s start with this dresser, we needed to put our underwear in something. Update that dresser!

But then I loved that blue on the dresser so much, I decided our whole house needed to be blue. My husband didn’t necessarily agree, so we settled on more blue on the new Headboard and Footboard. 

Then I decided I would make my own essential oils. It did not go well. THE Essential Oil

I’ve made some Stuffed Critters, take a peak and show me yours!

Also these cats need a palace, so I got a little crazy with a cat house.

If you have chickens, you’re gonna want to get in on some of this. DIY Eggpron

And a little wood burning, the good stuff. BURN IT

Little Nephew got some mad swag. Mainly because he’s mad cute.

Building that KC wall!