Home Sweet KC

Manuk Regular

It’s where we started our lives together. There’s nothing I love more then knowing all of our neighbors names, sharing canned goodies, then driving 20 minutes to one of the best downtowns in the country and finding new things each time. Just last Friday we found a fantastic taco place and record store we’d never known existed!

So when looking at one of our blank walls, I knew exactly what to fill it up with. As much KS bullshit as  I can find.

My mother in law gave me a cabinet door that she had gotten at a thrift store, and it was to cute to pass up. I stared at that thing forever until I decided what to do with it. Then I was like…. OH YEAH!


I found a great outline of the skyline, something I thought would be easy to trace. Cutting it out was more cumbersome then anything else LOL. The top board is not related, I was staining shelves at the same time.


Then I decided to trace it, I thought I would trace it out and maybe paint around it, leaving the negative space as the outline. Then once I started tracing I realized that’s bananas, theres a much easier solution. So then I taped the shit out of everything, including my stencil and the boarder around the cabinet door, and spray painted that bad boy.


Peeling off the stencil and the painters tape was one of those oddly satisfying things. It was fantastic to see it finished! The real trouble was finding a way to hang it on the wall. I tried command strips, and that didn’t work. Command strips are always my go to, so I had to do some more thinking. Then I whipped out the staple gun and some twine and got that bad boy locked down.


IMG-1687 (1)

I can’t wait to find more treasure to fill the wall up with!

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