Generational Knowledge

There are a lot of things in this life that I’m grateful for, but one thing in particular is my Mom and my Grandmothers. I’ve been very fortunate to have both of my grandmothers around, and ready to teach me anything I want to know with the patience of saints and the wisdom of wise Sage’s.

Talk about Witchy magic, these ladies are the essence.

My Grandmothers taught me how to sew, how to cook, how to love in great abounds, how to can anything and make jellies, how to explore, how to be completely honest with myself and others, how to make mudslides and skip rocks, and how to love myself and push for the best things, because only I will advocate for me the way that I need. Most importantly, when I came home there was Mom, reinforcing those lessons and putting them to use.

The last time I went to visit, the magic we worked on was baby blankets. Mainly because I just got a nephew, and my heart couldn’t be more full.

I decided I needed to make all the things for him. Just like my grandmothers did for me.

My Grandmother, worked on a baby blanket to give away at an auction the next day and that’s where our crafting began.


After the all consuming process of deciding what fabric this blanket would be, the gals got down to measuring. Look at them so cute.

I won’t do an instructional on this one, but I will share with you some of the mind-blowing knowledge that Grandma laid on me. Before when I made baby blankets I pieced the top together, sewed it to the bottom, cut out the batting to the correct size and put it in like slipping the meat between two pieces of bread on a sandwhich.

Grandma’s like “Nah, watch this fam.”

She sews her blanket sandwhich like this:
Top (pretty side down)
Batting on top.

Then she sewed around the edges, left a gap, and FLIPPED THAT DAMN THING INSIDE OUT SO THE BATTING WAS ON THE INSIDE. I mean… this woman. With knowledge like this she’s dangerous.


Then came the task of tacking. We left that to Mom. Look at her cute freckled hands!


Grandma got in and helped too. I guess we know where Mom gets those freckles from.


These are my other Grandmothers hands, showing me stitching and tacking. They’re just to cute not to show you guys too.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take an end result photo of that blanket. But I did the same thing for my Nephew’s blanket when I got home, and this is what I wound up with.


You’ve gotta get the right set up. The light blue fabric was a flannel that was the back of my blanket.


Tacked and ready to go for Nephew! He got some other treasures as well…

A whale, made out of his Grandpa’s and Uncle’s jeans. Check out Lacey’s whale pattern, it’s what I used and it was so easy to understand!


And some burp cloths, because babies are messy. Nephew’s theme is whales, and these are just hand towels with the same flannel backing as his quilt. The gal cutting fabric made a mis cut and I got it for half off! Hell yes I “want the extra!”IMG-1307.JPGIMG-1308.JPG


Here’s one of my Husband’s favorite photos of Nephew. I love that he has a favorite photo of him, does that blanket look familiar?


Cruz Christian McRoy


We’re so blessed he’s in the family!

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