Welcome to my Hell…ebores Roses

vtks flowers in our soul

And thank the stars, am I right? If we had one more cold, dreary, snowy day I thought I was going to loose my whole damn mind. The whole thing.

Last year my sweet Husband and I went to the local Nursery nearby, and fell in love with these Hellebores roses. The plant didn’t have any blooms, but we needed something to fill the shady spots in our front beds and once we looked up what these roses looked like in bloom, we fell in love.

They are supposed to bloom in the early spring, sometimes even January. But when the year rolled around and nothing happened, I’ll be honest I was disappointed. The leaves from when we initially planted the plant had turned brown and the plant wasn’t looking good.

But then, the most amazing thing started to happen! Sprouts started to come up! I could have JUMPED for joy! IMG-1041.JPG



And it was here, ready to be admired and cooed over.

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