Gurl, get you an Eggpron

So, if you know my sister you’ll know she’s cute as a little button. You’ll know you just want to squeeze her in half. But don’t, she doesn’t like touching. You’ll also know, that she has chickens. Chickens everywhere. Watching them follow her around the yard is going to make your heart burst.




But last time I went home to visit (okay okay a couple visits ago, I’ve been working on this project for awhile) she was gathering eggs and dropped some, and some fell out of her pocket. What’s a girl to do, ya know?

I knew what sister needed.

Broetown SignatureImage result for chicken and egg silhouette


So I got down to business. Since I started this craft awhile ago I had photos of the original items, but they have since disappeared. I’ll chalk that up to pre-blog madness in trying to keep crafts/ projects organized.

But I started with a nice canvas dress bag I found at the thrift store. It needs to be a sturdy material, since she’ll be wearing it out and chickens will be clucking at her, but also something that will wash up well. Also it cost me $7.00 so…. win.

I used the front of the dress bag (the side with the zipper) for the pockets and the straps, and used the back side with the biggest piece of canvas for the base of the apron.

I measured the pockets with a large egg I had in the fridge, so these chickens poop nuggets would fit in the pockets right. And before I sewed the pockets on, I appliquéd some hearts onto some of them too. So she knows we mean business. Also that I love her.

I appliquéd the pockets on too, so that they would have a little extra support.

Here’s the final product, and my handsome helper.



Luckily, I also have a very handsome model to show it off for me.



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