Yeah so I missed last week. You know, life and stuff.

Which simply means two blog posts this week!

And I just wanted to share with you guys, my mecca. Our sunroom is my happy place. It’s made entirely of windows, love, and sunshine. Usually, this is where I chat to you from.


I had some gifts that needed giving, and I had been checking out all of these beautiful wooden spoons I’ve been seeing!

If you guys don’t have a wood burner yet, get one. It will change your life. Go get off your ass. Go now. Get one. You need it. Mine was $8 at the Hobby Lobby.

But if you’re going to wood burn, get you some sunflower seeds and get to business. I use a pencil to trace the patterns first, because free balling it isn’t always the best option.


Some for my baker friend.


Some for my Potter head friend.


And some for us, you know, for stirring and shit.


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