She’s a brick… cat house

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Like they even NEED another place to sleep, I decided the other night to make them a little cat house from some boxes we had in the garage. This was inspired by a little gingerbread cardboard house that we found on sale at Aldi’s for $7.00. We looked up other cardboard houses on Amazon (since Christmas is over and I would like the lollipop forest removed from my living room) and they’re ridiculously expensive. Like $30-$45! Don’t get me wrong, like the cats are nice and all, but I’m not paying that much for them to destroy some cardboard in 3 months.

I mean, but they are pretty cute though…


So I got down to biz. I had seen some stuff online but nothing that really detailed how to DIY and what supplies etc., Once I got started I figured out why, it’s kind of a guessing game. But we’ll do what we can.

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  • Boxes
    • I used one Amazon box, and two pizza boxes for this business. What size box depends on you and how big you want your cat house to be.
  • Painters tape
    • This is literally holding our cat house together until we can get in there with the glue gun and get some hot sticky goodness in those seams. But even after hot glueing I left the tape on and painted over it. What’s it going to hurt to have EXTRA support? Nothing.
  • Hot glue
    • Get your sticks bitches. You’re gonna glue the shit out of this.
  • Box cutter
    • Don’t come in here thinking you’re gonna cut this thing into shape with some scissors. I don’t care if those scissors are sharp enough to split a frogs hair, it’s going to be a bad time. You need a box cutter.
  • Paint
    • Whatever color/flavor/designs you wanna do, get them all together and do it once you’ve got it built. If you’re anything like me you’re gonna want to do this step while you’re focused on this project, and not put everything away telling yourself you’ll “get back to it.” You and I both know that’s a lie.
  • Research 
    • If you’re here, you’ve already got this step down! But take a look around at some doll houses and play houses to see what kind of designs you want it to look like in the end. I LOVE folk art designs, so we went with some of that.


Cocogoose Classic Medium


This is our starter box. I like the Amazon smile.


Slap that box on the floor like you mean it. Small end down. Measure where you want your side flaps to meet, and make sure you’ve got the same spacing on each side of your small flap on the floor. Your long flaps will NOT meet directly in the middle, or your little house would have no roof. There will be a gap that we will fill in. So, if you want your little house to have a wider roof, measure your long flaps to have a wider gap in the middle.




Once you’ve got the side cut out, stand that box back up and tape your long flap to your short flap that you’ve just cut into a triangular shape.

Then get that hot glue gun, and get your little hands in there and get to business. Glue those seams like Jesus himself is going to come and live in that little house. I only glued the inside of  the seams, but I left the tape on the outside. If you decide you want to remove the tape once you’re glued up, then good for fucking you. But I would also glue the outside seam then.

Once I got that done on both sides I also cut out a hole for the cats to get in and out of. This took several rounds of tracing, erasing, and eventually saying “I don’t give a damn if they crawl in and out of a crooked cat head, this is what they get.” I used a circular vase I had to trace and measure the “window” above the door. I also cut some windows out on the sides, so the cats could have a nice view. Wine helps with this. Drink the wine.

So now we’ve got the roof situation on our hands. This is what our handy dandy pizza boxes are for. I don’t know if you guys know this, but pizza boxes are the best kind of box. Sturdy cardboard, perforated strips, and best of all, smells like pizza.


Rip off the perforated strips on the side of the pizza box. I used the side that didn’t have pizza grease on it, but honestly these cats aren’t going to give a shit. Do what you want. These strips are going to be our “beams” if you will that will support our roof.  Then I cut out the lids of the pizza boxes, and honestly they weren’t wide enough to cover the roof. So I glued another perforated strip to the perforated strip. You can see it in this photo sandwiched between the white roof and the white strip underneath.


I did have to cut off the bottom of the lid to fit it to the roof.  Then I got to thinking about off the rough edges I was going to have with the layers of cardboard, and just decided to tape the shit out of it. It’s not pictured but I taped all of the edges of the boxes. I figured if there were any complaints the cats could take it up with their food bowls.


You can see the Aldi’s inspiration in the back of the photo there. There was still a bit of a gap at the top where my roof met, but I didn’t care enough to fill it, and I wanted to get down to painting. But if you wanted, you could just reach in with another little piece of cardboard and fill it in.


Voila! There’s the finished product! We had some “purr pads” that the cats like so  I threw them in there with some nip to ensure the cats got the message “this is for you.”

So far they won’t get out of it!

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