It’s Snowmagedden, so let’s garden.

Zowieyoë Italic

It hit hard, showed little mercy, and took it’s power. Literally. We were out of power for 24 hours.

But we survived it.

And we noticed while shutting ourselves inside the house that our indoor garden we planted about 10 days ago is finally starting to sprout!

The husband was adamant about growing radishes indoors, he’s determined to get some root veggies to grow. And they are SPROUTING! He thinned them last evening.

Our indoor garden consists of:

Butterzone DEMO Regular
Butterzone DEMO Regular
Butterzone DEMO Regular
Butterzone DEMO Regular
Butterzone DEMO Regular
Butterzone DEMO Regular
Butterzone DEMO Regular

However, the cats won’t leave the carrots alone, and we’re doubting their growth potential. But we’ve left the carrot pot out so the cats will only bother that pot and not move on to the other pots.

It’s only been 10 days, but so far the radishes and lettuce have both sprouted! The herbs and the peppers all take longer to sprout, closer to 15-20 days, so we’ll see if they start to come up.

Check out the sprouts:





What will be herbs


Habanero Peppers

IMG-0439 (1).JPG

I’ll keep you updated on the exciting process that is growing a few sprouts inside to wait out this snow after false spring’s hope. It was so nice to get our hands in the dirt again for a little while, we’ve been discussing this springs garden for so long I can practically see it in the yard now!

I’m most excited to get some herbs growing! I LOVED walking out of the sun room last summer and just snipping some basil or thyme for dinner or salsa. The herb I’m most excited to try this year is lavender! I tried growing it from seed several times and it was always a bust, I’m hoping transplanting it from a growth into the bed will help it thrive and ensure our front steps are always fragrant!


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