THE Essential Oil

Sweet Handwrite

All about how my life got flipped turned upside down,
And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there,
I’ll tell you how the rotten flowers in my jars made me swear.


But real talk. I decided I would make my own essential oils, because they’re expensive and come in little vials smaller then my pinky. What is that all about?

We had some beautiful honeysuckle blooming all along our fence line and I knew this was my chance, my opportunity to jar that heavenly shit up.  Look at these gorgeous blooms, they were everywhere!PhotoCollage.png

I did a little research, ordered my cheesecloth, and got to work.

You can either use the dark method or the light method. The dark method is essentially put all your crap in a jar and let it set in the cabinet until Jesus comes back, or heat it all up a bit and then let it set in the sun to ferment. I decided we’d try out both methods.

IMG-1664 (2).JPG

I grabbed some blooms and rinsed them off, and spread them out. I read the white newer blooms had more scent, so I picked more of them.

In Essential oils the scent bonds to an oil, and since I also wanted to use this in my hair (and smell fancy) I rolled with some of the best organic coconut oil- Great Value. Yeah baby, all the way. IMG-1665 (1).JPG


Grabbed a gravy bowl, melted the coconut oil in it, and poured it over the blooms. I was so stoked, I was feeling so fancy and witchy, and couldn’t WAIT for the candles that were going to smell so heavenly when I dropped some of this phenomenal shit in there. IMG-1669.JPG


I tried the heat method with some rose petals.

PhotoCollage (1).png

I rinsed the rose petals, put them in a jar, and filled this jar with sunflower oil (You know, change it up a bit) and put them in a pot of boiling water and waited until things got hot and steamy, removed the petals, and set it out in the sun for a couple of days.

IMG-1722 (1).JPG

After it sets, you’re supposed to open it up and strain the honeysuckle/rose oily goodness into a jar and voila, you’re set.


I opened those bad boys up and an unholy stench rose up from the cracks of hell and filled my nostrils with the scent of rotten flowers. It was terrible. It literally smelled like corn and rotten flowers. I dumped the oil and plan to do a little more research and try again.

I’m thinking I should have kept the oil though. Made some candles for my enemies, and told them how expensive the oils were. Then they have to burn it and their homes would forever smell of rotten petals and corn.


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