Headboard and Footboard Business

Okay, so here’s the deal.

After working on that dresser, I fell in love with that blue. And with those waterfall curves. I tasted blood, and I wanted more.

So we also needed a headboard and footboard, and this is how we met Craigslist John. He had a little bit of EVERYTHING and he wanted us to take it all with us. Admittedly, we did also wind up taking a bookcase. Dang you Craigslist John.

That’s how I wound up with these beauties. I didn’t take a good before photo of it (of course) but here is a before photo of the footboard.


So much potential! But it does need a good amount of love. So I got to work with those sanding blocks. Part of the veneer is missing, and honestly I just sanded the rough edges and painted over it. Who gives a shit?

I love that band at the top, and I left it the natural wood. But everything else got the same treatment as the dresser, which you can see here! 

Here are some of the after photos.


I left those two middle panels the natural wood, because it was beautiful. You can see on the bottom of the headboard I got a little stain on the paint. Note to self: Do paint last. 



The missing chunks of veneer aren’t nearly as noticeable now that it’s painted, so I left it as is.

It was missing the bed support planks, so we sawed some boards up to fit and called it a day. For $30 on Craigslist it didn’t turn out so bad!

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