Update that dresser

So, we got on Cragislist looking for a dresser. Why buy a new one when its ridiculously expensive?

But then, I fell in LOVE with this little waterfall dresser. Look at its gorgeous shape!


We picked this bad boy up from some man who didn’t understand the concept of toenail trimmers or shoes. But such is the way with Craigslist purchases.

I’d looked at some waterfall dressers on Pinterest (the life blood) and found my inspiration!


Banks Miles Single Line Regular

I need it. With our wood floors? AND IS THAT ELVIS UP THERE?! YAS.

Admittedly, I don’t do a great job of taking photos during the process, something I’m working on. But let me give you a run down of what I needed and what I used.

Banks Miles Single Line Regular

  • Royal Blue Paint
    • I went to Home Depot and took a look at paint. I fell in love with Royal Blue, and wanted to paint everything in our home Royal Blue. I needed to exercise self control. It was tough. I just got a quart, because I didn’t need the temptation of a whole gallon.
  • Sanding blocks.
    • I buy these in bulk. The kind with the angled edges to get into nooks and crannys.
  • Walnut Stain
    • Also from the Home Depot I had leftover from an old project. Just a quart as well. I’ve had the same pint of stain of over a year, a little goes a long way.
    • You’ll need a rag or a brush for this. I prefer a rag, I like the way the wood takes it better.
  • Polyurethane 
    • This sounds scary, but it’s not! It’s empowering buying it off the shelf, and can be put on with a brush. It’s the good good, trust me!
  • KNOBS.
    • I love the knob section of Home Depot. I could look at knobs all day. Knobs, knobs, knobs.
    • Anything with staining takes so much patience. It’s the bane of my existence. But watching the stain soak into the wood is so good for my soul the wait it worth it.

I don’t have a work station per say, so I use the patio set on our back patio.

I removed the drawers, and sanded EVERYTHING. The drawers and the base and the trim and myself. Then I did it again and wiped the dust away.


And Lord, do I love paint. I gave the base of the dresser two coats, and made sure to even get the slats in the middle that support the drawers, because you can see them then the drawers are open.

Then came the staining. I dab a little stain onto a rag (or a brush whichever you fancy) put a coat on, make sure it’s even, get in the lines and molding, and do as many coats as you want it dark.


Let that bad boy dry over night.

Next comes the polyurethane. This is some stanky shit too, and you absolutely need to be ventilated and avoid skin contact. I brushed this bad boy onto my stained drawers, and let it dry a couple days.

It actually rained in the middle of this process and mucked up my painted dresser, resulting in it needing another coat. I wasn’t heart broken, it meant more royal blue.


I left the top drawer the natural wood, because it was stunning.


This is what we wound up with! It was so fun, and a lot of work. But we love it in the bedroom!

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